Transporting pets in Dubai

Transporting pets in Dubai

There are several obstacles when it comes to getting pets to Dubai, either internationally or domestically. To overcome these obstacles, this article will tell you the steps to effectively transport pets in Dubai.

1. Basics: To bring in a pet internationally they must be imported as cargo rather than as baggage. To this one must obtain an import permit. Requirements for this include a document signed by a veterinarian showing the animal was vaccinated 30 days previously. You must have a good health certificate from the government of the country where the animal is coming from. In addition, the animal must be microchipped.

2. Vaccination: People with pets already in the UAE must ensure they get them vaccinated against rabies once a year. In Dubai this means they will get a red identification disc from Dubai Municipality. Vaccination can be carried out by Dubai Municipality for Dh50 or at private veterinary clinics for a higher charge.

3. Export: For an export permit, at least five days before export, the pet must be examined by a government vet at the cargo village of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah International Airports.

Animals brought into the UAE without the proper documents will be held until those documents are obtained. The importation of some dangerous breeds of dog, such as Pit Bulls and Neapolitan Mastiffs, and cross breeds of them, is banned. Travel boxes must meet International Air Transport Authority guidelines.

To either bring in or take out a pet from the UAE, you will have to process the papers at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Do not forget to take your passport copy and your residence permit copy also.

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